Feedback from Banff

I’ve just been sent a digest of some of the feedback about Gyalmu’s House from the Banff Film Festival tour, it is truly rewarding when you realise that your film spoke to people, and more importantly that the situation of those in Langtang was effectively put on screen.

      It’s important to not forget what happened during the earthquake. It did more than just cause an avalanche on Everest. These are the local people that stories need to be told. Good choice for a cultural film.

      Liked learning what’s going on now in Nepal after the devastating earthquake.

–      A touching and honest account of a tragedy. I particularly liked that it was completely told from a Nepali perspective with a Nepali sensitivity, no western sensationalism, no commentary.

–      This inside perspective of the disaster is as poignant as it gets. Main character is a gem.

–      I particularly appreciated that one of the filmmakers is female, Nepali and that the story focused almost exclusively on women. I felt we heard voices we rarely (if ever) hear on film and were privileged to see inside families and a community. I think it’s beautiful.

–      I like how they still keep some humor in the film (her new kitchen is too small…), despite a tragic and heartbreaking event, where she lost 16 family members, including her daughter.


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