Gyalmu’s House is an 18 minute documentary shot in Nepal in 2016

In 2015 an earthquake shook the mountains of the Langtang Valley, Nepal, causing landslides and avalanches taking hundreds of lives from the small community. A year later Nima Gyalmu, a woman of strength, dignity and humour rebuilds her house in this remote and shattered place while trying to come to terms with her new world in the heart of the Himalayas. Have the Gods of the mountains deserted her?

A film by Asmita Shrish and Gavin Carver

Asmita Shrish, co-director.

Asmita is a Nepali filmmaker working in fiction and documentary.  Her short documentary Auntie Ganga a portrait of an elderly Gurkha couple living in Britain has played in 15 festivals around the world including in Britain and Nepal.  It was selected by the British Council to play on National Old Age Day, and won an award from Human Rights Watch.  After Auntie Ganga, Asmita was commissioned by BFI and The Arts Council of England to make a follow-up project, Little Nepal, following retired Ghurka soldiers in Britain.  She also produced the short documentary Kaloo School (2013) exploring the challenges of education in the mountains of Afghanistan.  The film was premiered at the International Documentary Film festival Amsterdam in 2013 and was winner of the One World Human Rights Film Festival, Prague, the Human Rights Film Festival Bir Duiyo Kazakhstan and many other festivals around the globe.

As a fiction filmmker she co-directed Chandra, the moving story of the journey of a boy and his grandfather through a devasted Kathmandu.  The film was funded by  Busan International Film Festival’s Asian Masters and Newcomers Project, and has already been selected for a number of festivals including Palm Springs and Fribourg International Film Festivals.

Gavin Carver, co-director

Gavin has worked for a couple decades in the visual and performing arts as both practitioner and lecturer (at the University of Kent). Originally a lighting designer for theatre and occassionally film his interests have developed to encompass a range of practices. He has designed and directed site specific events, live performances integrating mixed media and virtual reality, and large scale community celebrations. He has published books and articles on a range of topics related to performance, most recently on culture, performance and mountains.

For the past few years Gavin has concetrated on filmmaking, primarily as a documentarist specialising in stories of landscape and culture.  His recent film Andante follows a musician as she hikes with her cello to play on a remote summit in Oregon.  The film has been show at festivals in the UK, Canada and the USA and was selected for inclusion in the renowned on-line magazine of ideas, culture and the environment, Aeon.  It has been viewed in excess of 1 million times.