Here are a few short videos that are not in the final film,  they are included here to give a taste of some of the other aspects of life that we did not have the space to include, or did not fit in with our final narrative arc.  We hope they give further insights into life rebuilding a home, business and community in remote Nepal, and to the character and resilience of the people.  Some of the extracts here are from moments when Gylamu was speaking English, most of the final film is in Nepali and Tamang with English subtitles. These are only roughly edited and have none of the refining of a distributed film.

The first extract Welcome to View Point Hotel follows Gyalmu as she tells part of her story to some passing trekkers and takes them round what will be her new lodge.

Cheese Factory shows what it says – the remains of a cheese factory in Kyanjin Gompa.  Cheese was a major product of the valley, there were 2 factories prior to the earthquake, this one originally set-up by a Swiss resident.  The village of Kyanjin Gompa itself escape total obliteration, though it did suffer major damage; it is now the main settlement of the upper valley after the destruction of Langtang Village. Kyanjin, along with its cheese factory, is being rebuilt.