Gyalmu’s House can now be viewed on-line, for free.

In multiple languages at .  The English language version is here:

99Media are an amazing organisation who offer a number of selected, short docs in multiple language versions.  Given the universal nature of Gyalmu’s story, and is cross language production, we are delighted to have been selected for inclusion in their list.

A shorter version is available  from Aeon on-line magazine:


The film has been playing at festivals and tour circuits worldwide.  We’ll try to keep the following list up to date for 2017.

Banff Film Tour USA and worldwide – tours selected films from the Festival.

There are many dates throughout the year, not all of them have confirmed whether they’re showing Gyalmu’s House – but we know it is being offered on the tour.  Keep up to date with all Banff Tour dates here:

Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, Arizona Feb 16 – 19

Boulder International Film Festival, Colorado March 2 – 5th

Festival Gorniskega Filma, Slovenia Feb 20-26th (note – film will have Slovenian subtitles)

Pokhara and region, Nepal – a tour from the Pokhara Mountain Film Fest  Dates tba

Vancouver Mountain Film Festival, Canada Feb 17th 19:30 Cinematheque

Paris, Ethnografilm Festival, around April 12-13th.

Oxford, Poppadum Pictures Nepal fundraiser, 3rd March, 7pm Everest Nepalese Restaurant

Graz Mountain Film Festival

Autrans Mountain Festival

Bankso Mountain Film Festival

Kathmandu International Mountain Festival. Dec 14th 2017

VOD releases:

Steep Edge:


A shorter version is available for free from Aeon on-line magazine: